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17 year old, had a plan to kill several people on 1st day of school…..VIDEO

Tampa, Florida, 17 year old, ex-student of Freedon High School. Jared Cano was expelled last year. He had a plan to kill two Assistant Principals and Thirty students.

His Father and Mother had no involvement with the catastrophic Pipe Bomb Plan, they have been cooperating with authories and there are no evidence the family was aware of their troubled son.

Tampa Police had a tip that seventeen year old,  had a plan to destoy his school, investigators found detailed drawing of where bombs were going to be placed. Manifesto that named specific places and minuet to minuet plan. Explosive material to make and detonate pipe bombs.

Cano is charged with possessing bomb-making materials and threatening to throw, project, place or threatening a destructive device. He also faces drug charges.

Tampa Police want to keep their community safe for the families, children that reside there.

Please GO to web link and read more about Jared Canto:    http://www.cnn.com2011/CRIME/08/17/florida.school.attack/index.html/?hpt=hp_t1

Rick Perry annouces in S.C. his Presidency for the White House…..

I just listened to Rick Perry speech in Charleston, South Carolina.
Rick Perry Said”, I Declare My Candidacy For President Of The United States”.
It was a very POWERFUL SPEECH. It made me Proud to be an AMERICAN.
I agreed with all that he was saying about the extra spending that Washington is doing and Everything that the United States stands for.

WE can not afford selling off America to Foreign Creditors.

It Is Time To Get America Working Again.

Simply Taxes in Our Country.

Rick Perry Said”, I’ll work everday in Wasghington to make everyday consequentle  and your life I can.

Rick Perry left by saying” God Bless You And The United States Of America.

Please Go This Web Link And Listen To Rick Perry.


Wisdom Through The eyes Of Someone Dear…

Waking up to the morning light, listening to the wonderous birds. I crawl out of bed and get ready to experience new beginnings of my day.
I make sure I look my best and Positive Attitude. While I drive to work, I’m thinking of yesterday. How many people I met. Thinking of conversations, the Laughter, telling each other a Funny story. I can still see the laughter in each of our eyes. Telling a favorite receipe, Sharing a favorite Agatha Christie book or walking though a park chatting the day away. Its been fun today making a new friend and sharing memories together.


9 year old boy saves drowning toddler….

San Jose, California: A 9 year old boy saved the life a 3 year old toddler girl.
He dove into the San Jose Apartment Complex swimming pool and pulled her from the bottom of pool. Her grandfather, he was pulled from the bottom of pool by a women. The grandfather is in series condition at local hospital.

Debt Deal…U.S.

Reid signs on to a debt agreement pending caucus approval.

Debt Deal. Calls for up to 3 Trillion in Savings.

Would like to raise Debt Ceiling 2.5 Trillion.