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America…The Land Of The Free

The “United States of America” Government…..Protecting the “American” People from illegal immigrants and from other nationalities that want to “KILL” the “American People”. They can pass Go, they can “GO” directly to jail or deport them back to their country……Children need to go with their “Parent”. 20,000 immigrants are costing “America” Billions and Billions of Dollars.

United States need to get out of “DEBT”…..17 TRILLION in Debt is a Travesty. The Federal Government are not teaching our young people any financial ethics.

Federal Government need to “QUIT” Giving out “MONEY” to Welfare or to Foreign Affair. Teaching the “American” People to work hard everyday , love and protect their family if by means of the “Second Amendment” right to Bear Arms.

Federal Bureaucrats should “NOT” have the “POWER” to issue major regulations without the approval of the people’s representatives in Congress.

The “Constitution” is to be cherished by the “American People and the “President” of the “United States Of America” is to have it close their “Hearts” and not put dust on it…..Every word of it.
Terrorists do “NOT” have the same rights as the “American People”.

Replacing “ObamaCare” with a more affordable Health Care or abolish it. Lower “TAXES”….all across the board of “America”.

Born “FREE” Taxed to “DEATH”………
John Boehner is trying to reunite the “AMERICAN” People, I’ll stand by him everyday of the “WEEK”. Mary Jordan.