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I Love “Thanksgiving”.

Thanksgiving is a time to thank God for the many blessings he has given us. When I truly see children playing and laughing with that twinkling “smile”. Children love you at face value. They don’t care if you have a huge house, nine closets, going to Venice once a year or drive the newest car or truck or even if you caught the largest fish. They love you in good times and bad times, unconditionally.  So let’s all have the heart of a child. Coming together in Peace, Love and thinking of the memories with family and friends that will last through eternity.

Thanksgiving through the many years has brought many families together. Holding grudges in your heart can be hurtful to you for many years. When you’re angry at someone,  family or friend.  Before the day has ended. Go to that loved one and apologize it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong….it will take the tears away from your soul and mind. At least you’ll know that you have done your part. Your heart will be at ease and no more tears through the night.

 When a young single mother is raising her three children all alone. She is thankful for the love of her children, love of her parents and love of her spiritual faith. When she goes to work everyday, making her children’s  meals, running beside them when they start to peddle their bicycle for the first time or falling off a limb in the tree. Watching out for them and picking them up and telling them they can get up and start over again.

Sharing laughter, smiles, favorite recipes, how a grand-daughter received her first job, helping to paint the exterior of a  home together.  Having a family with values, morals, showing each soul that you meet that you have kindness in your  greeting, sharing a smile, laughter, being thankful  throughout the year. 

Helping your neighbor in need…..Prepare meals for them, holding open doors for the elderly, mowing their yard weekly, nursing the sick, teaching someone to read or write, carpool to work, picking up medicine, taking them to their doctors, or inviting your neighbor to your family gathering.

On grandmothers 85th Thanksgiving……. surprising her with all her six children, sixteen grand-children and 5 great-great grandchildren. When grandmother sees all her family together with the twinkling of smiles  in their hearts, she knows she loves each and  everyone equally…..it does’t matter if two of the brothers are arguing. They all know in their hearts they all need to put their difference aside. When they form a circle and hold hands together and have a prayer to “GOD” for all many blessings he has gave each and everyone.  Thanking for their health, love of their children in their lives daily, having happy hearts, knowledge to strengthen their minds, being healthy, and trying to give peace, understanding, empathy, love, joy, generosity and kind heart to each soul of the earth. Knowing that God will give happiness, prosperity and a loving heart to each person across the many lands of the world. 

Dear God…….Please watch over my family, friends, all the many eyes of the earth. Please keep them safe, a loving home, healthy strong minds and bodies, empathy in their souls, knowledgeable  minds, always being creative and innovative with their thoughts to helping mankind.

God’s watching us from a Distance.


Have a “wonderful” Thanksgiving……..  November 28, 2013…..Thursday. Have many Smiles, Laughter and Good Memories with Family and Friends. Have a “SAFE” journey driving home. I wish you blessing throughout the years to come. Love, Mary Jordan.

This blog was written by Mary Jordan or Mary Jordan 777







300 Pound Boy Exercises in Secret…..Pictures

Jamil Macias, teenager at the time weighed 300 pounds.

I felt really GOOD,” he said, “It took me a while to really understand my body and know what I can do to it, change it, help it grow and become stronger.
“I did the research on my own ,”he said.

I t was on one of his first evening jog that Marcias specifically remembering feeling hurt as teenagers in a truck drove by and called him “FATTY”.

So he began working at night, First by Walking,to Running, in addition to eliminating fast food, and replacing processed, sugary foods with fruits and vegetables.

He now weighs 185 pounds, he now feels he cound conquer anything in life that is delt his way.

http://youresimplygorgeous.com          Please Go to Healthy Living. There is alot of information on Exercise, Vitamins, Healthy Living.

www.RightHealth.com           Tips For Healthy Living.

www.AARP.org              Healthy Living Tips For Adults 50+ 

http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/07/15/macias.weight.loss.irpt/index.htnl?hpt=he_c1                 Please Go to weblink above and read about Jamil Macias.