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Creating Special “Moments” Photos !!

I would like to tell something I haved started and just “Love” !!

It ALL STARTED several years ago. I would think of a Distination, pack my bags you know Pants, Skirts, Shorts, Blouses, Socks, Shoes asd all the bathroom stuff.

Making sure the truck was full of gas, Insurance Card in the glove box. Let’s not forget the inspection sticker and registration. I would not like it if I received a ticket for “NO” ….The Inspection Sticker or the Registration is OUT of Date. That wouldn’t start my Travels on a Good Leg. I’m making sure I have enough money, you know CASH. It’s always good to hide it your socks…you know roll the dollar bills real tight. Just don’t forget and wash your money with the soiled clothes or forget the one sock in the dryer…at the laundry mat.

Off I go into the fresh air and wanting a New Adventure. Sometimes when I’m working that 9 to 5 or 8 job. I just need to get away from all the pressures of work. But….when I’m working I Always had “SMILE” on my face. My momma told me when I was younger to always “SMILE” that”SMILE”. It made people what you were up to. Even if I had a bad day, I would “SMILE” that “SMILE”.

My first stop was Florida. Since I was raised in Florida, I felt like I had some roots there. The people was always friendly and always ready for conversation….long ones. I would have to add my two cents in, too. Sharing stories about the ocean. How my brothers would ride on those suff boards. Some of the waves would be eight stories high. They would ride those waves like they were on their skateboards. It was always a “TREAT” to watch them go swimming into the surfs. Anything daring, you would Always see my brothers there, first in line. I would  watch them in my mind, I was right there by their side with that GREAT BIG “SMILE”.

Riding through the Neighborhoods of Florida,  the Fancy houses, sometimes you would get lucky and see a sign that said,”OPEN HOUSE”. I couldn’t wait and peek into the fancy house. It was amazing, when you opened the front door, you could see all that expensive furniture, all that crystal laying around. I bet one piece would be my whole paycheck or two. The carpet would always be “White”. It was “White” all throughout the house. The kitchen, bedrooms and the bathrooms would smell of crimson rose fragrant. It was wonderful getting to view the “Fancy” house, even if it was on a whime.

I would finally get back into my truck  and start driving around the neighborhoods, old and new, looking how people dressed. Well, 12:00 noon came up quick. Driving around again, I spotted a Restaurant….First Watch. I looked at the menu. All the meals looked ” Wonderful”.  I chose a gourmet sandwich, fruitcup and of coursesweet tea. Sometimes you could hear the other people coversations…it would make me laugh inside.
Driving around Florida was great. Reliving childhood memories.

At the end of the day I would relive the again in my mind, playing back all the memories….Going to the Ocean, Shopping at Antique Stores, The Wonderful Food and new people that I met. I know I would forget some of the memories, thank goodness I had my “Camera”. I was able to capture all of the moments of the day.

You can Capture all of my “Special Moments” through the years. What a ride that was. Fast and Furious.

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